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I love when I discover a track that really draws me in. I listen to so much music on a daily basis and when a song really gets my attention its hard not to share it with others. “Don’t give up on me” released in 2002 by Solomon Burke is one of those tracks. I think I first discovered this song from a free download from Starbucks and I was pleasantly surprised when I played it out of curiosity one day. First of all, it’s an extremely well written song with a vocal performance from Burke that you can’t help not listen to. There’s so much life in his voice and his cry and plea for another shot is something that I think everyone can relate to.

Not only is this an amazing song from a writing and performing stand point but sonically I love it. A great mentor of mine always preached that “Space is a good thing. Don’t be afraid of it” Tracks can sometimes get so dense these days that’s it’s refreshing when the instrumentation is more sparse. Low track counts = more space. “Don’t Give Up On Me” only consist of Solomon’s lead vocal, drums, bass, acoustic guitar, piano and organ but that’s all it needs and it feels so vibey and open. Great musicians and producers know how to stay out of the way of the vocal and that’s exactly what happens here. Some of the highlights for me would have to be the slap back on the vocal, the delay on the snare and the chaos that comes from the organ. I also love how the piano lives in the left side of the stereo image while the acoustic takes care of the right side. Have a listen for yourself and see what you think. Let us know what you dig about this track.



Here’s the entire album on Spotify.

Brent Hendrich

Brent Hendrich first began recording and mixing music in the late 90's while attending high school. Now as a Nashville music industry professional, he along with Eric Westmaas operate Matchless Mix. In his free time he enjoys running, camping, wine and cooking.

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