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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost for online mixing?

Our prices vary depending on track count, turnaround time and other features. Check out our Pricing page to find which option best suits your needs.

How should I prepare my song(s) for mix?

Due to the many software platforms, versions and possible conflicts, we ask that you submit your tracks in a consolidated form all from the same starting time.

This will keep things more organized for all parties and will allow for quicker upload times since you’ll only be sending us files that are used within the mix.

The files for each song should have their own folder. You can zip each folder and we’ll provide a link for you to upload to. If you have questions on how to prep your files, you’ll find detailed videos for each DAW platform here:

Pro Tools
Logic Pro
Cubase & Nuendo
Digital Performer

What If I Don’t Like The Mix?

We want you to be 100% satisfied with your mix. That’s why our standard and professional mix options both include unlimited revisions. We’ll make sure to keep working on the mix until you are completely satisfied! To keep our Lite pricing an affordable option, we’ve limited it to 2 revisions which would typically cover most client’s needs. Additional revisions are available for Lite users at a fee of $29 per additional revision. Unfortunately we’re not able to give refunds after we’ve received your initial payment and the mixing process has begun.  

What if there are effects that I have on certain tracks in my song(s) that I want to have included in the final mix(es)?

In this case, we just request that you print those particular tracks with effects included.  Instructions on how to do this in all major DAW platforms are provided in our file preparation tutorial videos.  Any concerns or additional requests you may have regarding effects can be discussed during our consultation process.  

What genres do you work in?

At Matchless Mix we’ve had experience in mixing many genres over the years.

From Pop to Rock to R&B to Country and everything in between you can be assured we’ll use the most current mix techniques for your genre. Check out our Mixing Samples page to hear it for yourself!

How many revisions will I be allowed?

This depends on what pricing tier you’ve chosen.

Lite Pricing: You’ll receive up to 2 revisions.  Once the mix has been approved, you’ll be provided with a Main Mix wave file that’s ready for mastering. Additional revisions can be purchased for $29 each.

Standard and Professional Pricing: You’ll receive unlimited revisions and once you’re completely satisfied, we’ll print a Main Mix,  Vocal Mix, Instrumental Mix and a TV Mix all ready for mastering.

Any revisions made after after printing your final main mix(es) will be charged a rate of $29 per revision.

What are stem mixes and why would I want them?

Stem mixes are individual mixes of instrument and vocal groups.  For example, with a rock song we might print stem mixes of bass, drums, synths, guitars, lead vocals and background vocals.  Many remix producers love to use stem mixes when remixing a song to give themselves more creative freedom to edit and/or re-arrange it.  So if you are thinking about giving fans of your music and/or fellow musicians the opportunity to remix your material in the future, stems are definitely worth considering. Artists also use stem mixes to supplement their live performances when a more full sound is desired.

How will I obtain my files once completed?

After paying the second half of your project’s cost, you’ll receive a link via email to download our first round of mixes.  As we continue to make revisions per your request, we’ll provide you with a link to download the most current files.  

What kind of gear do you use?

To keep mixes affordable and easy to recall we currently mix in the box with industry standard conversion, monitoring and plug-ins. Even though we have years of experience on large format consoles, we feel that we can deliver mixes on par from our studios while keeping cost down for our clients. Every song you’ll find on our mix samples page was mixed using this method. If you’d prefer your project to be mixed on a large format console, please let us know and we’ll discuss the additional cost you’ll incur.

How long will my project be archived at Matchless Mix?

All projects are archived for 90 days at our studio for recall purposes.

We are not responsible for recalls after the 90 day period. You can request a .zip file of your project file(s) to be hosted on our server.

Can you Master my Project?

We pride ourselves in specializing in the art of mixing and we feel you deserve a mastering specialist to truly make your mixes shine.

We’d be more than happy to refer a mastering engineer that would suited best for your project.

What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards and bank transfers through PayPal invoices.

Can I deliver my files on a hard drive or DVD?

You’re more than welcome to mail us a disc or drive.

You will be responsible for any shipping charges incurred.

Don’t forget to follow the file prep guidelines on the “File Preparation” section of our website. A shipping address will provided when we receive your initial payment.

Do I have to credit Matchless Mix on my album?

No, but we’d be honored if you did. You can credit us like this:

Mixed by: MatchlessMix.com

My project is on Multi-Track tape. Can you mix it?

Yes, but we’ll first need to transfer it into a digital format.

The professionals at Gear for Days in Nashville will be happy to help.

You’ll be responsible for the charges incurred.

How long will it take to receive my completed mixes?

This depends on what pricing tier you choose on the pricing page.

Lite – 1-30 Days ($299.00 per song)

Standard – 1-14 Days ($375.00 per song)

Professional – 1-14 Days ($499.00 per song)

*Your projects turnaround time begins the day we receive your first payment.

**Your first mix versions will be completed by the end of your selected turnaround time. Revisions may take longer.