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Who doesn’t love getting a great deal on musical equipment? We recently discovered Hello Music and we thought we’d let you know about what they have to offer. Everyone’s familiar with Groupon and Living Social. Well they’re basically the same thing for music related gear. All you do is sign up and everyday they’ll email their daily specials. It’s that easy. Usually there’s about 5-10 featured items like guitars, amps, effects, pro audio gear and more. I’ve done some comparisons between street prices and theirs and it’s definitely the way to go if you happen to find an item you’ve had your eye on. Hope this tip helps you save some money on your next purchase!



Brent Hendrich

Brent Hendrich first began recording and mixing music in the late 90's while attending high school. Now as a Nashville music industry professional, he along with Eric Westmaas operate Matchless Mix. In his free time he enjoys running, camping, wine and cooking.

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