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About Matchless Mix

Matchless Mix is a online mixing service designed to give artists from around the world access to professional mixing engineers through the power of the internet. The concept and name came to life one evening in 2007 between creator Brent Hendrich and business partner Eric Westmaas who at the time was an intern of Brent’s and an audio engineering student at Belmont University. Since then, Eric has become a strong contributing force as a full time mixing engineer at Matchless Mix. Our current schedules and workloads will determine who will be overseeing your project. Either way, you’re guaranteed a great mix!


Brent Hendrich

Email: brent@matchlessmix.com

About Brent
Born – 1981 in Elizabethton, TN
Hometown – Nashville, TN
Education – The School Of Audio Engineering in Nashville, TN
Interests – Running, Cooking, Camping, Wine and Hiking


Eric Westmaas

Email: eric@matchlessmix.com

About Eric
Born – 1986 in St. Joseph, MI
Hometown – Nashville, TN
Education – Belmont University in Nashville, TN
Interests – Reading, Running, Coffee and Discovering New Music

What Makes Us Different

1. We Listen

You have a vision for what your music should sound like and we want to help you fully realize that vision with our mixes. We do this by listening closely to what you have to say about creative direction during our consultation phase.  Then we go into the studio and make that vision a reality.  Whenever you have any revision requests, they are handled quickly and effectively.  Your satisfaction is our #1 priority.

2. We Deliver On Time

We work in the music industry, so we understand that projects have deadlines. We’re committed to making sure that your project is delivered within the timeframe that’s stated in your purchase – on time, every time.

3. Commitment To Excellence

We believe that a passionate commitment to excellence is crucial for survival in the highly competitive online mixing industry. It’s also essential for the ongoing success of your music. That’s why we take pride in each mix and are constantly looking to improve the way we serve you.  Send an email to: theteam@matchlessmix.com if you have any suggestions about improvements we could make or content you’d like us to cover in our blog section!

4. We're Not Happy Until You Are

That’s why our Standard and Professional pricing options include unlimited revisions. We’re perfectionists and therefore understand that it might take several revisions before you’re completely satisfied.

5. We’re Experienced

With contributions towards a Grammy award nominee, Emmy award recipients and a Dove award winner, it’s safe to say we’ve been officially recognized as music industry contributors.  But for us, this line of work isn’t about trophies or recognition.  We have a service-based philosophy that is focused on your satisfaction as a customer.  Our passion is to help you realize your creative dreams with a great mix.  We’ve done this for countless artists and we’d love to do so on your next project.  Be sure to check out some samples of our work in the Listen section of our site.