Thanks for choosing Matchless Mix!

We’re excited to get started on your project!

Just a few reminders:

  • Send each track separately as a mono or stereo .wav or .aiff file
  • Make sure each track is labeled clearly
  • Export all files from the same start point. Ideally 00:00:00 or from the beginning of a measure
  • Include the tempo (bpm) in the .zip filename
  • Make each song its own .zip file
  • When in doubt, create a new project file and test the multi-tracks you’ll be sending to ensure everything sounds correct
  • Include any rough mixes or reference mixes if you’d like for us to hear them

Secondary Upload Method

If for any reason you have issues uploading to our primary server, please visit Use as the email address in the ‘Email to’ box.

Need Help Uploading?

Please feel free to contact us at: or (615) 200-7880